“You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe, a harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars.”

That’s one of my favorite quotes from the movie August Rush. It came to my mind as Lagori has had quite an August Rush too!

We kick started the month with a heady gig at namma Bengalooru’s Hard Rock Cafe to a completely new crowd – with 4 year olds leaping in their gleeful sugar high to the coolest 70 year old grooving like nobody’s business! And it just got crazier! Amidst the humidity of Hyderabad, the madness of Mangalore and the vivacious crowd in Vizag, we played our hearts out to bring in the new swanky sparkling red Audi A3! Sit in it and pose we did, for buying it seemed slightly out of the band’s budget at the moment ;-)

In between this Audi spin, we took a pit stop in Chennai to play at the music festival organised by Amaranta Entertainment! All we can say is – CHENNAI, we LOVE you guys!! One of the craziest audiences we’ve played to, who let their hair down barring language differences! Sharing stage with Skrat and Agam the same night, it was a heady mix of energy and magic!

Landing in Bangalore the next day, we were completely honoured to be heading towards the Phoenix Market City, to be playing at a charity fundraiser for a Cancer Foundation, more specifically for sweet Harsh, who by far is one of the bravest humans, let alone child, we’ve met to date. Not only did he move to our music with gusto, he also made our day by posing with the band and the hundreds who had come over in support, to give us an awesome photograph that will be etched in our mind and hearts for a long time to come. Harsh – Lagori wishes you a speedy and fiesty recovery! You are one cool dude! :-)

The Royal Enfield Reunion beckoned us next in the gorgeous land of Munnar!! We played to a packed house of heavy set bikers who had braced the constant rain and cold to ride up the hills on their rugged bikes, from various parts of the country (while we tried staying warm in our wind sheeters and woolen sweaters during the drive up in our Innovas). Yep, while we can put up with the annoying smoke machines, blinding lights and deafening monitors on stage, bike rides in the rain over hundreds of miles can wait for another day! :-D

The madness of this rush could not have ended better with a manic tribute to non other than our Ganapathi Bappa! We played at the swanky Prestige Shantiniketan to bring the roof down in celebration of the Ganesh Utsav. It is quite a high when you see toddlers, hyperactive middle schoolers, trendy college goers, nifty IT people, wonderful home makers, uncles, aunties, grandmas and grandpas all go wild in the festivity of our music under one roof. We felt at home, we felt special, we felt blessed!

Yep, a crazy month it has certainly been! And we will always hope and strive to make it crazier. But whatever madness and fanfare that may follow, the quote from August Rush will always play in my head. It will always come down to the music we love making and sharing.