Legends of Rock! You guys were outstanding! Never did we think that three power cuts would actually inspire a super energetic rendition of our songs from you guys! This is the first time that the audience overshadowed the PA, and we were not complaining! Given the small stage setup (we in the band have never felt so close together, literally!), the energy that YOU guys packed in was mind blowing! Never have we heard a crowd of 150 people sound like a throng of 10,000 before!
Our sound engineer Vinod Kumar needs a super special mention here! We only wonder how he managed to keep his sanity, with all the surprises and sound issues thrown at him! Vinod, you rule man! And here’s a big toast to Kingfisher for getting us to perform there!
It’s going to be quite a while before we get over this gig! Thank you guys! We cannot wait to do this again!