February 20th marked a very special day for all of us. Geeth would like to claim it to be the day he first made his appearance in this world, thereby blessing all of us with his magnificent presence. As much as we love and cherish you Geeth, our flamboyant guitarist and menacing manager, and as much as I yearn to dedicate this blog to your birthday, I think I should focus on the other aspect of that date :-)

THREE YEARS of being together as a band, and what now feels like family! It was on this day three years ago that Geeth and Eddie started off with the strains of Aasma, the first song the band ever put out. Three years of madness, fights, intense song writing sessions, even more intense beer and khodays sessions, love, some bad shows, some good shows, mostly brilliant and madly energetic shows, all culminating at Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore to mark this milestone!

Did we invite all our friends and family to celebrate this gig with us? Of course! But did we expect hundreds of you guys to throng the slightly “smallish” Cafe, stand on your feet for the entire two¬† hours we performed, sing loudly enough to make the place resonate, show us your crazy dance moves, and in full style shake open beer to give the whole “champagne” effect? We actually thought it WAS champagne and felt mighty jolly about ourselves for a while. But no – we didn’t expect this level of affection!

Did I expect Mr. Tejas Shankar to break the frail barrier that shielded us from a steep drop from the stage, as he madly hung himself over it in the moments of hysteria? Kinda. I quite thought it would make a killer stage act.

But during a few moments when I gathered my thoughts above the intensity of the music and the atmosphere, I stole a few glances at my band mates. And all I could see were facial expressions that while in awe, said only one thing – this is what I want to live the rest of my life doing! This two hour experience is something none of us will ever forget!

We also dedicate this entire gig to Atul Chitnis. I personally never knew him, only of him. Father of our very good friend Anjali, and a mentor unparalleled to Gaurav Vaz and Geeth – your passing away had an immense impact on every life you have imprinted on. I wondered how Geeth contained himself playing your guitar on this very special day, while Shubha Chitnis looked on in memory and pride.

A very very special event. In so many more ways than one.