When bits and pieces of this blog has been written at unearthly hours post midnight or wee hours of the morning while the Sun God sleeps, it could be an indication of one of two things.

One – I am an insomniac (which also explains my raccoon like looks) with a penchant for penning down thoughts while the rest of the world snoozes amidst dreams of unicorns, money or Sunny Leone.

Or – the band has had a dizzying spell of almost thirteen gigs this month with four more to go, with a collective sleep record of around twenty hours in the past two weeks. Flights back to Bangalore at 3 AM with the next flight out in a couple of hours, and what not. Oh please do not get me wrong – We are far from complaining! Mumbai, Kerela, Patna, Raipur and Namma Bengalooru amidst delayed flights, skipped meals, missed mass at church with family, slim canoodling time with four legged brats and what not. But at the end of everything, while we get to be on stage, there hasn’t been a whimper of a whine among us.

FOUR years old we turn this February, ladies and gentlemen. And the patakka of a gig we had at HRC Bangalore to celebrate was just proof of how awesome you guys are, and make us feel.

We love what we do – you guys know that. You are a major part of why we love what we do. This blog isn’t about that.

This blog is about Geeth Vaz. Our guitarist, manager extraordinaire, alarm clock, beer guzzler, food connoisseur (tee hee), ATM machine and once in a while, Mr. Grumpus. The last part is very much needed though. The band is as mad and mental as any dysfunctional family on Dr. Phil’s show can get. If there haven’t been any missed flights or gigs, then we all owe it to Geeth whooping our asses once in a while. Taking calls and having official conversations with booking agents and sound vendors while the rest of us around him laugh and guffaw over farts and bum notes is no mean feat, let me tell you.

Two years ago, when the band had written loads of music but had no direction, this is the man who stepped up to give it one.

We love you man Geeth. Even though we have given you horrid nick names (which will stay within the band, worry not), fight, crib about your loud amplifier on stage, and basically give you a hard time, we love you. Add this to the fact that you share your birthday with Lagori’s anniversary, we can rest be assured that February will always be a crazy month for us.

May every birthday of yours be as hectic and back breaking as this one has.

Mr. Geeth Vaz, everyone.

PS: on this note, the whole band wants to thanks some wonderful people who have sometimes gone out of their way to help (and put up with us).

Gaurav Vaz – if it wasn’t for the kick start and your guidance that got us going, we know for a fact that this would have taken us much much MUCH longer! We will always owe you one man.

Naveen Ujre – Bob! You are solely responsible for making us sound how we do to the wonderful people who come to watch and listen to us! We still can’t believe how much you put up with and still stick around. We love you to bits Bob!

Hriday Goswami – the epitome of patience and our world class Producer! You have helped us up our game, in the studio and live shows, every single step of the way! Not to mention help us lose weight by taxing us with your high standards and bad jokes ­čśÇ We love you man!

Chetan Arvind Rao – for making us look great on stage with some fantastic light work, and for travelling with us even at the expense of your own work sometimes! The band (and the bass player) is super lucky to have you I say!

Meghna Das – for all the wonderful creatives and posters that go up on social media and for designing our precious anniversary┬ákit bag, you make us sound legit and intelligent even though we are sometimes anything but.

And last but never the least, to our family and friends who are our universe and reason behind our existence.

A big hug and deep respect.

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