LAGORI BEER Adventures!



Pronounced as Bier by most people and Beeeeeer by most Indians. Colloquially referred to as Daaru by Indians inhabiting the North, Thanni or Yenneby the Southerners, Saaaraayen by chettas of God’s own Country, and Beehskhfhkjhsjher by people under it’s Godly influence.

Popularly known to induce ape-like behavior among the human species. Common side effects include sending illegible texts to friends and family, legible texts to ex-girlfriends/boyfriends, rapid compulsions to perform acts of generosity like paying the auto driver more than the one-und-holf rate, sudden realizations of one’s vocal abilities and demonstration of this new found talent to strangers and pets, talking to trees, dancing like a walrus on heat and urinating like a water bison.

Note to my father: these are behavioral patterns I have only heard about. I don’t drink. I am still your good girl.

Coming down to the crux of the matter – Beer and Lagori have always shared a mystical bond. Add some Biryani to this relationship and we are your best friends already. Moreover, four out of the five Lagori band members are HUGE (metaphorically and literally) fans of Iron Maiden – who happened to be one of the few bands ever to brew their own brand of beer called the “Trooper”. Not only are the musical influences from Maiden prevalent in us, but the love for beer is too.

During one of our long flights back to Bangalore, a sudden realization hit us! Why don’t we do an Iron Maiden! Ok, that just sounded wrong, but you catch my drift! Brew our own beer!! No band in India has ever done it! And what better way to honor the elixir than to brew our own!

Geeth Vaz, our super guitarist and manic manager, who also happens to be responsible for 9% of India’s beer consumption, got in touch with the amazing people from the Big Brewsky. Started by a bunch of ardent beer lovers who decided to get together and run one of the finest micro breweries out there, we were delighted when Lagori got a positive response from them! Apparently they loved our music as much as we “ghazalled” their beer! Ghazalled, get it? Guzzled? Ugh. Never mind.

So a wonderful relationship had just begun. We met up a few times while the amazing partners and brew masters helped us narrow down the kind of beer we would like to brew. Brain storming led us to decide the recipe for beer that would have Lagori’s signature on it, and plans were made to brew and keg.

When we reached the Big Brewsky in Sarjapur Road, we were more than taken aback. I will admit РI had images of a closed and dingy workshop with clink-clanking machinery amidst us rolling our sleeves and sweating in the swill. Visualize the place Edward Scissorhands was born it, and you will get what I had imagined. But this place was gorgeous and looked like a resort of sorts! Open and perfectly blending with the nature around it, we were mesmerized! The brewery was all shiny and (sadly) cleaner than most of the hospitals we had seen! And the smell of the brewery and the kitchen just made us want to eat. And drink. And eat.

And drink.

It was love at first sight!

The amazing guys from Big Brewsky, one of whom is the suave salt haired Narayan (refer to George Clooney, ladies) and the petite Vidya (who happens to be a PhD holder and the coolest brewmaster we have ever met), gave us a run down of the brewing process. We caught most of it – the fermentation, the role of the yeast, the flavor from the hops and the works, and we got down to it. Let me tell you – it has been quite a while since any of us has been at a 9-5 job, and the brewing process took all of about 8 hours! Phew! Tough work, but more than worth it! At times when we had to let the brewery do it’s thing, we played Lagori with stones and some cleverly placed beer bottles in the rain, had a fantastic Big Brewsky lunch and gulped down seven different types of beer that is brewed at this place! Yes, seven! All differently colored with distinct tastes, the beer tasted like heaven! We marked the end of our brewing escapade with a surprise jam for all the customers who were having a blast with the beer and the food. This was aThursday, and the place was packed by seven in the evening!

It’s amazing how one drink can bring together so many people from different walks of life! In fact, wikipedia would tell you that it happens to be one of the world’s oldest beverages that was instrumental in the formation of civilizations! Well. Probably contributed to the population bursts as well, but lets not go there.

So here we are! India’s FIRST BAND EVER to brew it’s own beer, aptly named the “LAGORI AMBER WITBIER”! We are going to launch our drink on the 30th of this month, and we would LOVE for you to come over to the Big Brewsky and share this moment! Come get high on our music, drunk on the beer we have so lovingly brewed for you guys, and experience our love for life.

We just can’t wait!





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