Thank you, 2014!

Thank you, 2014!

How do we kick start a New Year with a bang, loud and explosive enough to sum up the glorious 2014 we were leaving behind?

2014 – a year that had us playing over 60 shows which included mad college gigs, expansive corporate events, heady pub shows and feisty festivals! A year where we came into our own as a band in terms of writing new songs, mashing new covers, putting ourselves out there and playing our hearts (and lungs) out! A year that included some really fun TV shows, including Kerela’s own Kappa TV! A year where we found ourselves feeling a lot more at home in Gods Own Country than we ever expected! A year where we traveled to most places in India which we had never thought possible in such a short span of time!

Just how were we going to match up to this roller coaster of a ride?

The first day of 2015 had us share stage with none other than THE Usha Uthup at the Chasing Storm Festival in Coorg! DORLEEEENG! You had us wrapped around your little finger with your unabashed style and flamboyant swagger! I have never seen anyone get hundreds of people in nearly sub zero conditions latch onto every word of theirs with just a crooked smile and a couple of sentences that spell style and statement. All of 67 (as you claimed. I would have pegged you for 20) and fluent in seventeen languages, you are more than an inspiration! That voice! I would rather have your rich and husky voice occupy the lower registers than any other instrument! And I am a bassist!

You are whom we all will strive to be. At any given point of our lives.

When you acknowledged Lagori during your performance, the band went quiet for a few seconds. I think we were all just soaking it in!

In 2015, we hope to step up with our song writing, arrangements, live act and interesting collaborations with some of the most respected and followed artists our country has to offer.

To be able to kick start our year by sharing stage with someone like Usha Uthup feels like more than a sign from beyond.

We just can’t wait to ride the 2015 storm.

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